To provide farmers with the best seed firmer technology in order to improve planting depth consistency, germination, emergence, plant stands and yield.

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The inventor of the Flo-Rite seed firmer is Jeff Peters from Hicksville, Ohio. Jeff is a farmer and he was fed up with traditional seed firmer technology that was unreliable, costly and didn’t consistently deliver increased yields. So he set out to revolutionize the seed firmer market by designing the revolutionary patent pending Flo-Rite seed firmer.


 Bob Crites  |  Hicksville, OH

“I was impressed with the Flo-Rite seed firmer. I did a lot of digging and the seeds were right where they were supposed to be in the trench. The down pressure of the Flo-Rite is the best I’ve seen. They definitely helped contribute to even corn emergence.”

Bill Gentry |  Henderson, KY

“The best thing I can say is they work! The different color wear plate allows you to see and measure the wear better. As a result, I know I will change the wear plate more often allowing the equipment to do the best job possible. They work so well, I’m going to put them on both my new planters this year.  I don’t want to plant without them.”

Duane Appel  |  Edgerton, OH

“We ran the seed firmers over all our corn acres. They are extremely durable and I like that you can see how much wear you are getting on the replaceable wear plate. The flex and down pressure is better than what the Keeton seed firmers offer.”

Gary Vollmer  |  Hicksville, OH

“I had no problems at all. I was very impressed. When the planter is down, you have more pressure with the Flo-Rite seed firmer. Over a period of time, the Flo-Rite firmer is going to hold its position better. The Keeton’s tend to weaken relatively quickly. I will definitely recommend Flo-Rite seed firmers to other farmers.”

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